How it works:

Basemapp is a map-based management platform for golf course superintendents, managers and consultants.

Our software simplifies management by providing easy-to-use tools for all aspects of property maintenance.
We want to change the way people work and interact with their course.

Software that helps you:


Visually map everything on your course with simple tools for placing, editing, measuring, viewing and more. No need for any additional equipment.


Record what is happening on your course in real-time and ensure everyone is working from the same set of information.


Conduct detailed analysis on all aspects of your course. Manage information using a visual map and stay informed on what is happening throughout your course.


Tell your story through visual picture, maps and in depth reporting to better communicate with management, your team and your members.

The Basemapp Effect

We believe in an intuitive, flexible tool that simplifies and improves how you manage your operations. Your team will benefit from knowing exactly what's going on and being able to customize the software to match your particular way of working.

Run your operations on a tool that is


Use Basemapp on any device. Even in the field.


A system your team will use.


Brings key functionality together in single software.


Easily customizable to your needs

See it in action

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Manage everything on one central platform

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Works where you work

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Create professional products

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Watch our GIS 2016 booth video for more information